Help your damn self

Who the fuck am I? This can't be who I am. I did what was expected of me. I graduated from college obtained a job in a less then a year. Also received a promotion making good money, but with all that I am not even close to being happy.I wouldn't be happy sharing my current story 10 years from now. All it is, is work work work work. I have lost myself in the routine.

How do I get out of it? I have been waiting for a sign. Patiently waiting.


Jesus get on your job, please *make sure you ask your Boy nicely*...I realized I needed to put in some work, so here we are. I am going all the way out because I have goals and ish. I started by thinking about what was holding me back.

  • I was worried about what people would say.

  • How would I enter into a field that I had no expertise in.

  • I am not typical a fashion nova model *I aint lightskin with a body or good hair*

  • I couldn't really narrow what I wanted to do down. I just know that I want things to be beautiful. I want to set the mofo scene. Like Karleen Roy of The Vanity Group, when you look at her instagram you see more than her clothes you feel it.

  • I don't have any extra income to put towards this.

Fuck all of that.

  • Nobody is paying my bills, so who gives one damn penny what they think.

  • Just do that shit. I can always learn as I go.

  • Bruh, I am fly as hell. Fuck all that stereotypical shit.

  • Create your own title. I can do whatever the hell I want.

  • The money will come and just save if necessary.

I am about to pull a Shameless Maya on y'all, promoting myself 365 days straight. Check her out, heres a link to her youtube, if you haven't. So I have to stop saying I don't have time and just use my time wisely. I gotta start making an effort again. Also I am starting to live by this quote that the awesome Myleik Teele says all the time "Finish one thing at a time and you will build momentum." While I am on this journey be patient with me, but also hold me accountable when you see me slipping. I will be active on at least one social media platform.

I want to inspire you, so I will be letting you into my life.You will get to see all of it even the downs because it is what has brought me make this decision of seeking happiness.

DAY 1 -complete. (Go catch up on my instagram because I have made an effort to post there daily)

What inspires you to keep going? What were your setbacks?

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