If it's not broke don't fix it

Damn, I have lost count of how many years I have been natural. All I know is that it's been more than 5 years. In that time I have learned what works for my 4C natural hair. I mean when I first cut my hair for some odd reason I thought I would have curls that bounced back *insert Big Sean voice* boy was I wrong and sad as heck for a little while. Like I hadn't a clue what worked for my hair and since I couldn't just put water on it and walk out the door i started to do research. Curly Nikki and Youtube were my biggest resources and through them I found out about the L. O. C method.

The L.O.C method is a 3 step method for moisturizing your hair.

1. Start with a Liquid which is usually water based or water itself. You want to go with water or water based product (look for products with water as the first ingredient) because water is the ultimate why to hydrate your hair. My all time favorite is Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave -In because I can use this stuff by itself throughout the week and my hair will feel like I spritized it with holy water.

2. Next you will apply an Oil to seal in the water. Some of the best choices would be natural oils because they will bind to protein. My favorite is unrefined coconut oil and castor oil in the winter months. Every now and then I will use argan or jojoba oil, which mimics your natural sebum, so its pretty good for your scalp.

3. The Cream is for closing hair shaft to retain all the moisture you just put in.

Here lately my favorites have been from Bee Mine. I am currently using the Bee Lovely Moisturizing Daily Conditioner.


I do apply all of these separately, but I do know of people who just get a spray bottle and combine all three ingredients. When combining all three just keep in mind that it won't keep that long maybe around 3 days which is why I choose to not to mix them. Whichever way you go about this your hair will come out feeling soft, but if you have fine hair this method may be a little heavy for you. I just know that my 4C hair loves it.

What do you use to moisturize your hair? If you have used the L.O.C method tell me about it.

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