She Is Me. I Am Her.

The person I have been hiding from is finally starting to come out, she is beautiful. She is me. I am her.

Since a young age I have always enjoyed my own company because I had time to gather and just be myself. As I have gotten older being alone became a little different as most times I enjoyed it, but there were a lot of times were I was surrounded by thoughts of being inadequate. I had no idea where these thoughts were coming from because my life was "together" until I started to do the work about 3 years ago...

I didn't have active parents.

Yes, I had parents, who called every blue moon or checked on me through their parents, but they were only were active at their own convenience. It sucked to only see your parents once or twice a year, but this was my normal. I suffered greatly because of this - looking for love in all of the wrong places and not knowing how to establish and maintain healthy relationships. In my alone time I see the best and worst in me, understand the why, and fix it. I am no longer making excuses, the work is being done.

There is no hiding from yourself. The things you haven't dealt with will keep resurfacing. See yourself and tell yourself you are worthy.

I am worthy.