Bookers 2017-04 Sip Awhile, will have you on your ass | review

When you send the text saying “I am a bit tipsy” after 1.5 shots just know you got some shit that will knock you off your feet. At 128.1 proof you will be good at one shot, lol probably even just a sip. It has one of the highest alcohol contents of the brands that belong to Jim Beam, so for the people who are light weights please sip slow i.e. me.

Bookers releases a new small batch every quarter, which will consist of barrels selected by a master distiller to create a perfectly blended bourbon. This will give each batch its own personality as you would find in a single barrel bourbon. This is the final small batch that Booker released this year, which is the 2017-04 Sip Awhile batch which consist of four different production production dates that were stored in five different locations. The locations are important to the process since at every location the humidity and temperature will vary which give each barrel a unique flavor.

This particular batch was aged for 6 years 8 months and 14 days with a price point of $70.00.

Now to my thoughts…

Nose - Teeny bit of caramel right after the vanilla which is the more prominent taste.

Finish - A bit of a burn on the finish, but that should be expected because of the alcohol content is high as fuck. I also pick up on oak which I don’t think lingers.

Aroma - Vanilla

Now the official review says that this batch has “a rich chestnut hue with a nose that brings forward a sweet aroma of vanilla with some notes of caramel.” I wasn’t far off, but it took drinking almost half the bottle over the course of a couple weeks, but I finally started to pick up on the nuisances about the middle of the first week. I also added water, since it is supposed to bring out the flavor and tame the alcohol, I didn’t notice any difference though.

Brown liquor is something that I enjoy, lol I have always been a Jack Girl so I decided to expand my palette cause I aint BASIC, this is the first of many that I plan to review.

Let me know in the comments, what your favorite drink is?

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