New hair color, who dis?

I scrolled Instagram endlessly for the perfect shade and stylist. Lol I didn't find either on IG. I was able to find my colorist in the same salon I had been going to for years, lol I know that is odd that I didn't look at her first right. It was because she was new to the salon and I knew very little about her exeperience, but one day I was talking to my stylist about color and she mentioned her. I thought that if she recommends someone they have to be pretty good because she understands my fears when it comes to my hair....

I officially love Angel, my colorist now. She was very gentle with my hair and she explained every step of the process. Now you guys remember I previously colored my hair with the Shea Moisture coloring system at the beginning of the year, so she started the process with removing that color.

1. CPR (Color Pigment Remover)

Box color deposits minerals in the the hair shaft, so the CPR reduces permanent oxidative color pigment and metallic minerals and removes unwanted pigment without lifting natural hair color.

Under the dryer for about 45 minutes

Blow dried

You can see in the before picture that my hair still had some color to it, so that was removed in the first process.

2. My hair was then pre-lightened using Blond Life Lightener by Joico. Bleaching was done so I could achieve the vibrant red that I wanted.

I only sat under the dryer for about 5 minutes, but i was able to process without heat for about 30 minutes or so. it was done that way, so my stylist could keep a close eye on my hair to ensure that my hair wasn't lifting to much.

Blow Dried

I loved this color, so don't be surprised if you see this soon.

3. Finally my hair was colored with Joico 5XR, which is a crimson red.

Better pictures will come once it is styled. Right now it is currently in two strand twist.

Yes, it was an all day event, but well worth it because it was done safely. There wasn't any point in the process were I felt like Tina Turner in the scene where the little girls coloring her hair and all her hair falls out when she is at the shampoo bowl. The only difference is that my curl pattern is looser because I am normally a 4c and this is more like a 4a maybe 3b when it is wet. Thats no biggie to me as I don't manipulate my hair a lot, so I am not to worried about damage. I do know that my ends need to be clipped.

If you are in Greensboro check out Soulflower Boutique, all the ladies are great there.

If you color your hair, what color would you choose?

If your hair is already colored, how do you keep you hair moisturized?