Save Your Coins And Thrift

I use to be a major thrifter in college because when you are ballin' on a budget its the only logical thing to do. I did occasionally splurge on a nice pair of shoes or buy nice denim but me and my best friend were always in the damn thrift store. When I graduated I felt that since I had the money now I don't have to do it as much, so I spent money like I was filthy rich and only took clothes from my great grandmother. Who knew that I would be returning to the thrift store after I had a baby. The thrift store is perfect for your every changing body even after baby because I am still dropping some weight and no not baby weight, the weight of a few extra cheeseburgers.

I don't thrift as much as I use to because you have to put in some serious time to find a gem, lol I am no Ashley of FabEllis. She has mastered thrifting. I am able to find items for half the price of that in the store or online and when I loose more weight I can even pay to get them altered.

The items I have on in the photos were thrifted over five years ago, the shirt is a New York and Company and the skirt is a mmmmmm it doesnt have a tag. The Steve Madden shoes were not thrifted.

Photographer: Ashley Johnson