Protective Styling - Box Braids Are Out

I don't even know how many months it has been, just know the braids are out and that I did complete a week of wearing loose hair.

*grabs phone looking for evidence of when braids were taken out*

Found a picture, they came out on June 16th, so they were in for 3 whole freaking months. I didn't get the itch to take them out until I was about 2.5 months in. At that point my edges had been re-done so I said I was going to get my money's worth by finishing out the 3 months. I was happy as a chess cat with these braids because they were sooo dang easy. I didn't do any cute styles with them, just the regular ole ponytail or half up. It was way to much hair to be maneuvering around on the top of my head, so that ponytail was fancy enough for me. Ok ok lets get to the stuff you want to know...

Photographer: Ashley Johnson

Did my edges fall out?

No, my edges are intact. Lol, Im lying a little bit, one side did have a small amount of breakage. I felt that was because my edges were re-done, but its not anything major. No slick spots.

Did the mane choice work?

Haven't the slightest freaking clue, one because I didn't do a length check before putting the braids in and two because I didn't finish the bottle. I know I freaked up, maybe next time.

Did I at least stick to the regimen?

For those of you who don't know what the regimen was check out my first post on protective styling...I did stick to the regimen and my hair felt marvelous when I took the braids out. My hair wasn't weighed down nor did it stink, at least in my opinion. I did have some buildup, but I attributed that to having braids in for 3 months.

How was take down?

I had normal shedding. I did not wash with a clarifying shampoo, which I regret because I felt that I needed it afterwards. The reason I didn't clarify was because I was in Target and this product I had never tired was calling my name * Chaun, Chaun* so I picked it up. It was the Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse and her Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard. I will give my thoughts on those two products in another post after I have used them a few more times.

Photographer: Ashley Johnson

Why did I choose to leave my style in for 3 months?

With previous braids, I have never had any issue with them staying in that long, so if I don't see frizz throughout the length of the hair I kept the in. Since I don't shampoo my hair while wearing braids I don't usually have any problems with frizz.

Will I continue to protective style?

Of course, there hasn't been any negative of doing it so far. My hair is still flourishing. I have 8 more months to go. * I just noticed I miss calculated in the first post, duh Chaun its 12 months in a year.*

Since the braids I have worn my afro out for a week, then I put in a set or mini twist which lasted a 1.5 weeks, and now I am currently in cornrows with no hair added. I may do a short post on those those styles combined.

What are you doing to treat your hair this summer? Let me know in the comments

Photographer: Ashley Johnson