Unicorns and Cotton Candy

Oversized clothes and big afro puffs

Sparkling black dresses to look like hot stuff

A hand full of rings

These are a few of my favorite things

After having a baby it takes a while before you start to feel like yourself again and the weight doesn't seem to help. I had my daughter at age 26, so I just knew I would be a hot momma literally the day after I gave birth, I mean everyone else in my age group had a quick snap back. Reality soon kicked in. A month went by then 6 months and I realized this weight wasn't going anywhere unless I worked to get it off. It has now been over 16 months and I have only made small attempts to be more confident in myself.

Its hard working full time, dealing with a little baby, and this hormonal shit. So I have stopped trying to work out and decided I can only mentally handle one thing at a time. First on the list was the hormonal issues because I had turned into a B...I...T...C...H around the time of my cycle. I had no patience for Boo, none and I was soooo over work. So I started taking birth control and taking time for myself once a week after work, thanks to my mom. Those things have helped a bunch.

Since I have taken care of that I can better wrap my head around my stomach. No, it's not terribly large but it is the largest that I have ever been other than being pregnant. Since I knew I didn't have time to work out, I decided to find things that fit me at the size I currently am. Yes, it was very hard at first because I had to get use to things I had never gravitated towards and I wonder if I am getting complacent about my current size. Whatever I am just going to enjoy this new found happiness because you realize that everything isn't unicorns and cotton candy. Enjoy the little things.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

These "oversized clothes" work for my body type and I love every bit of it. I feel so comfortable because when I am out I am not constantly tugging at my clothes, I can just live. Being able to just enjoy the moment and not worry about if my stomach is juggling when I walk has literally improved my confidence. Find your happiness.

Just DONT get complacent.

This weight is coming off I just have to plan.

I was able to find this denim dress at OLD NAVY for the low low. I do recommend that you try everything on, I mean everything. My boot sandals as my friend likes to call them are Jeffrey Campbell that I purchased from Nasty Gal. And that awesome sweater of mine is from Forever 21.

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Photographer: Alycee Byrd

How are you working on your body image? How has your body changed after birth?