The Daytime Mom

Do you remember when your parents use to drop you off at your grandma's house and they were semi-dressed and you would tell them "You better not go anywhere without me?" Lmao I am now the parent and Xavier will be asking or wondering the same thing. I am going to burn the road up in this cute outfit.Yeah right all I am going to do is run some errands or get some dinner. BORING!!!

But while running these errands, Im going to look cute with my wide leg pants and denim shirt on. I have had these pants that I purchased from JC Penny for about 3 years and I have had the shirt for about the same amount of time. I love denim, black, and wide leg pants so it only seemed right to pair them together in my book.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

Since it was kinda chilly out I decided to give my outfit some color by pairing it with an olive green jacket that I purchased from old navy and this red clutch to take the color up a notch.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

To complete this look I put on my favorite leopard print flats because they go with everything, duh.

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What do you wear when you are going out without the kid for a couple of hours? What do you do without them?

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