Protective styling 2 Month Check In

My hair is laid like poetic justice, lmao. Well not exactly. I got my hair braided on March 11th and it has been 2 months now and these braids have been a life saver. I haven't had to detangle, shampoo, or re-twist at night *insert praise hands.* This is the life and it's going to be my life all year, well thats the plan. Whaaaaa!! Yes, I am planning to have my hair in some sort of protective style for a complete year because:

1. I haven't been showing my hair much love... I recently colored my hair using the shea moisture coloring system which was great, but I haven't deep conditioned or moisturizing on a regular basis and because of that my ends are horrible.

2. I want to retain as much length as possible... Right before my install I had to cut off about an 1.5 in, which isn't bad, but I want it back.

3. I love the convenience... Most days I can easliy throw it in a ponytail.

Pictures of my freshly greased scalp. My new growth is popping.

While I am in protective styles I plan on:

1. Keeping the style in for 3 weeks if I don't get any hair added and if they are individual braids/twists I will keep them in for 3 months.

2. In between styles I will wear my hair out in a loose state.

4. Hair will be washed thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo along with deep conditioning at every take down.

3. I will be taking the Mane Choice hair vitamin.

4. Moisturizing the length of my hair with a leave in spray and applying oil at least twice a week. Right now I am using...

I forgot to take a length check before my braids were installed, so I will be sure to do it at take down so I can have some idea of my length retention. Right now it seems like it will be an easy thing to do, since I haven't been itching to take these braids out, so we will see. 2 months down 8 more to go.

Let me know in the comments, what you guys do while protective styling to keep your hair healthy?

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