The PTA Mom

I am that mom who will be at all of Xavier's open houses. You know how I know that because I am that mom now, yep she is just in daycare. Lol I show out in a professional manner of course even though I have on sweats and my favorite birkenstocks, but in my head I have on my "PTA" clothes, like the picture. You know PTA clothes are the clothes that are just nice enough, the clothes that you put on to make people think you have a little bit of money, the clothes that say I came straight from work, the clothes that show the teacher you aint playing...

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

Like all PTA moms I have a floral shirt because whats a mom without one. I got this one from Target for around $25.00 and decided to pair it with a blazer that I thrifted years ago. MMM duh a blazer says I mean business. To spice it up a little I added these awesome velvet pants that I purchased from The Limited about 2 years ago. I was able to finish the outfit off with my cognac oxford because nothing says PTA mom like flats.

Now I bet if you show up to a teacher conference with this outfit I bet that teacher won't try anything slick. *not a guarantee*

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Photographer: Alycee Byrd

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