The Cool Mom

"What is this squirrel fur?" Is a question I would think my daughter would ask when she gets older but instead this question came from one of my homies as he pranced around a party in my coat. He has had to many drinks by than. Lol, I am almost certain no animals were killed in the making of this product because I snagged it from Target for around $50.00 (click the link NOW because it has now been marked down to $25.00). This coat has become one of my favorites that I will try to make an excuse to wear for every occasion. I LOVE this coat.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

For this look I decided to pair it with an oversized orange shirt that I had laying around just to give it a pop. You can find a similar look here. I went with a bright color because I almost never wear bright colors, a matter of fact this may be the brightest thing in my closet. It just gave it the edge that I was looking for.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd

Now-a-days I go for comfort while trying to be cute, lol, most days I look crusty, but since I am trying to be cute I paired it with oversized pants that I purchased from Macy's about 5 years ago. These pants are very versatile because I have dressed them down for this lookout, but on other occasions I have paired them with a pair of heels to dressed it up. You can find these about anywhere now-a-days. I found something similar at Topshop.

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