Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Hov', oh, H to the O... V, lol just kidding, but my name is Chaun. Do you get it? Umm duh because Jay-Z's real name is Shawn *yes, I know it's "Allow me to Re-Introduce Myself..."*

I am a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Food Science blah, blah, blaaahhhhh. I mean do you guys really care. I'll tell you the interesting things, at least what I think is interesting, and why I  created this blog.


Last year, I became a mother at 26 years old and my life changed big time. I started to think what could I show my daughter that she would be proud of. See I currently work as a Quality Assurance Scientist and I am doing well, but I am not happy. It's a very boring job that is in a very sad environment and I just don't get my rocks off, so now I am trying to chase bigger dreams. The dream of being free.


Being free to me is living my life to the fullest which consist of doing what I love. I love fashion, motherhood, and beauty. With this blog I want to be able to reach people on a personal level by having real conversations about motherhood and showcasing the things I love. Real conversations brings about growth which I need and I am hoping that I can help someone along the way. I want you guys to become my neighbors, best-friends, homies, and co-workers.

Photographer: Alycee Byrd